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We offer a coaching program of modules to help musicians navigate the world of touring and performing. Each module can be purchased separately but we advise going through the whole program to prepare yourself for success.  We can also refer you to professionals that will help you set up a better website, get professional video and help you with design of your merchandise.

Background: Louise had been a talent buyer for four years in a commercial venue, has been a judge for various songwriting contests and books a roster of artists across the country. Bruce has assisted with talent buying, books our roster and has coached and advised many new performers who he has hosted at the radio station.

Introduction to coaching- We will evaluate your online assets: website, social sites etc, look at how you set p  your merch, ask about your touring history and you plans for the next year. We have a list of items we'll ask you to send and compete a questionnaire then we will set a time for the initial meeting in person or by Skype or Facetime.

Module 1- Preparing your social sites for viewing and establishing a strong EPK- Electronic Press Kit

Module 2- Getting booked at a venue or festival

Module 3 Promoting the gig

Module 4 Gig Etiquette- at the show

Module 5 Merchandise

Module 6 Getting a Return Invitation

Module 7 Long Term Planning