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Heather Pierson

Heather Pierson is a pianist, singer/songwriter, songleader, and performer whose inspiring live performances and growing catalog of releases delve into Americana, blues, New Orleans jazz, vocal chants, instrumental piano, and folk. Best known for her ease at the piano and her bell-tone vocals, Heather’s songs and musicianship embody joy, honesty, playfulness, and a desire to share from the heart.  She tours as a duo with Shawn Nadeau on bass and harmony vocals, and as a trio adding Craig Bryan on drums, percussion, and harmony vocals.  


Throughout her colorful career, Heather's eclectic skill set continues to propel her onto concert hall stages and into barrooms, coffeehouses, resort hotels, living rooms, and churches.  Her nearly non-stop performance schedule speaks of her tireless work ethic and endless devotion to her crafts.  Defying genre and classification and yet fully embracing all musical styles, Heather is an artist who speaks the language of music in as many dialects as her abilities will allow.   Her life’s work is to share her love of music and her gratitude for life with others – one song, one heart, and one mind at a time.

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Quotes and Booking Information

Heather tours with her duo partner Shawn Nadeau on bass and vocals and also as an acoustic and/or Jazz trio with Craig Bryan on percussion and vocals. She also leads an annual Charlie Brown Jazz Christmas show with the trio. Contact us for rates and information.

"Heather is like two great acts in one, sliding from sweet acoustic Appalachian old-timey vibe with Patty Griffinesque lyrics to brassy New Orleans blues piano with a bone thrown to Bessie Smith.”

DC Bloom | Lone Star Music Magazine

"Heather is a musicians' musician.  Best piano-based folk since early Joni Mitchell.  And there's a great message here."
Ken Nagelberg | WHYR


Heather lives in central NH- open to touring most parts of the US and Canada, especially on the east coast- to the Gulf Coast Acoustic venues, Folk Series, Listening Rooms, Festivals, also available with her band.

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