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The Black Feathers

The ability to write songs that are both modern and ancient is a rare thing. The product of an arcane art of weaving in traditional influences so thoroughly that they become the warp and weft of fresh creations.

The Black Feathers, made up of Ray Hughes and Sian Chandler, are two such talents. They first became aware of the magic between them while collaborating on several musical projects, becoming The Black Feathers and life partners in 2012.

Americana, Folk, and Acoustic Indie Rock sensibilities coexist comfortably in their musical world, with Hughes’ guitar work buoying the kind of harmonies often only heard in family bands.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought their Spring 2020 tour to an abrupt end; returning them to their UK home.  The Black Feathers embarked on an extensive US tour April, 2022 with their new album ANGEL DUST & CYANIDE which was released July 8, 2022 . Their 2022 tour took them from the west coast to the midwest and ended up on the east coast late Fall. Several major festivals on the tour include, Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, Mile of Music, Philadelphia Folk Festival & the Kate Wolf Festival. 

2023 Dates in the US will be Sept 20-Nov 15th- plans for a return in Spring-Summer 2024 are being formulated now. There is availability for summer 2024 US FESTIVALS!


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Quotes and Booking Information

Press review of "Angel Dust and Cyanide"

The most intense numbers are “Barcelona,” which is beautiful & its coda “Nos Da.” Chilling. It’s as if Sarah McLachlan was singing a Strawbs song. It’s that good.

Another fantastic show with Ray and Sian! They're harmonies are magical! They're extremely easy house guests, too! House concert Host-PA

The Black Feathers were Official Showcase Artists for Folk Alliance International in KC, Feb 2023. They will return back to the US in late  September 2023- contact us soon to reserve a show.



Ray & Sian - The Black Feathers live in Wales, UK In Early 2023 we will route a tour from the SE to KC and then by late Summer 2023 they are open to touring most parts of the US and Canada, Acoustic venues, Folk Series, Listening Rooms, Festivals, and house concerts.

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