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Baker Booking is a division of Musicalou Productions- 

We book concerts, tours, festivals and more for our roster of acoustic performers on their US and Canadian tours.

Our credentials

Louise Baker- Booking Agent

Owner/Operator of Musicalou Productions in Asheville NC, Louise has been managing and booking acoustic artists since 2013. Louise was a Talent Buyer at Asheville's premier listening room; Isis Music Hall for over five years.

Louise has been a songwriting judge for SERFA, South Florida Folk Festival, Falcon Ridge FF and The New Song Competition. She has served on panels at NERFA,FARM and SERFA on how to get booked for gigs and tour management. Musicalou Productions manages, coaches and handles promotion for acoustic performers.

Louise Baker, mc at Asheville venue

Bruce Swan, Booking Agent

Bruce Swan, is a radio programmer / DJ , podcaster and the host of a regularly scheduled weekly streamed showcase series. Both the radio program and the series, while independent of one another, carry the same name “Music My Mother Would Not Like”. The radio program airs weekly on Thursdays from 4 - 6 PM ET and can be heard on Asheville 103.3 FM or streamed at in Asheville, NC. 

He is an active member of the folk music community, served on the CT Folk  Board of Directors and a regular emcee for their monthly concert series and annual festival. He has been a panelist at many of the regional conferences and a presenter at the Folk DJ Showcases.  

An avid fan of all forms of live music, Bruce is generally happily found at local, regional, and national venues  “catching a gig”.

Bruce Swan, Baker Booking and Music My Mother Would Not Like
Finn Clemens Production, Design work, booking agent assistant

Finn Clemens is new to the folk scene. What began as an assistant position managing Kipyn Martin’s social media, students and merchandise, soon transitioned to include a production role with Baker Booking. In addition to his work in production, booking and graphic design, Finn has also produced virtual showcases and panels for Music My Mother Would Not Like, NERFA, SWRFA and FARM. He has a degree in visual arts and is pursuing an additional degree in graphic design and communications.

Finn Clemens production and research
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