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News from Baker Booking

Artists availability: Please see our Artists page to learn more about their available dates to perform  for your series  in person Fall 2021 and 2022.

As shows are being cancelled due to artists not being able to travel and COVID variant concerns-you might look to fill your slots with some of our artists that are in your area.

Abby Posner- based in Los Angeles CA

New release - Aug 6th - Abby Posner
"Emergency Use Only" read the article in
Americana Highways.  Then contact us to book a date for her Oct-Nov 2021 west coast tour!


Late Summer 2021

As the days get shorter and the COVID variant  more prevalent we still have hope for the possibilities of  some safe, live in-person touring for our artists later his year. Please visit our artists page or reach out by phone or email to book in person shows as well as live streams.



 The artists on our roster continue to perform virtually, effectively, and professionally to the gain of venue, artist, and agency. They are ready to get back out and tour as long as vaccines are available and venues and fans are taking precautions. At Baker Booking we believe the best practice is to require proof of vaccination and weak a mask.

Streaming shows can still offer new viewers of both your venue and artists a much lower entry point. Only through streaming can more than one person share a ticket - not possible pre pandemic. We plan to continue to support live streaming as well.


Louise Baker and Bruce Swan