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Asheville NC

& Fairfield CT

March 2020  COVID 19 Affects the Music Community

As all of us navigate this very difficult time in the world,  we want to update you on the plans of the Baker Booking roster.  

As a matter of course, Baker Booking recommends adherence to the reasonable guidelines set fourth by the scientists and doctors of the Center for Disease Control about hygiene, social distance, and overall best practices.
We also wish to recognize not only the imminent hardships to the touring artists but also to the behind the scenes venue staff members, service staff, and the loyal fans; that will also be deprived of income and entertainment. 

Many of our artists will be affording opportunities for fans to interact with them via teaching opportunities and coaching. Please check their respective websites for more information about teaching / coaching. 

As a company, Baker Booking is encouraging fans to support their favorite artists directly through their respective merchandise stores on their websites. It is the very best way to support musicians until they can resume touring.  

Baker Booking recognizes that many venues and house concert hosts are struggling with rescheduling cancelled and postponed shows - we are here to assist with your needs, but we will wait until April 02 before contacting venues directly about rescheduling. We will absolutely respond to inquiries about rescheduling and ultimately booking new shows immediately. 

We have advised all hosts and presenters that our artists are cancelling the balance of their March 2020 shows. At the time of this writing, most of the April shows are being postponed by a combination of municipalities, venues / hosts, and artists. 

At Baker Booking, we are helping our artists to make the best of this very unfortunate and unscheduled down time. We look forward to speaking with you about currently sch
eduled shows and scheduling future shows. 

Many thanks and our best wishes.

Louise Baker, Owner
Bruce Swan, Partner