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News from Baker Booking

The Black Feathers leave their mark on FAI 2023

The Black Feathers our UK duo Sian and Ray, kicked it up at their Official Showcase and left a trail a feathers for the enthusiastic audience.

We are grateful for the contacts we made at the conference and we are now booking their limited 2023 tour.

Booking now mid-September IL, MO, KS, CO

Late September -  SF to Portland OR

Early Nov- Calgary, Alberta, Seattle WA

Heather Pierson Duo present their Official Showcase on the 20th floor at FAI!

Heather Pierson Duo had an outstanding performance in the Benton Room at FAI. As the audience exited the showcase they stopped to tell us they felt lifted up by the performance and exchanged contacts with us for future booking. Heather and Shawn are running out to CA/OR/WA in May, then on to the New Orleans for Jazz Camp in June.

We have just a few dates left to fill for their Charlie Brown Jazz Christmas show in the NE Region.

Here is a sample of the music

Don't wait if you want to book one of the remaining dates:

Nov 30, Dec 7,14,22.


 Looking to fill tours and attending conferences: 

We are busy booking shows for 2023-2024.   We will be attending SERFA- South East Regional Folk Alliance conference in early May in

Black Mountain, NC


Please visit our Artist page to learn more about each performer and their tours and open dates.


We hope you are having success with your audiences and that you will consider a Baker Booking artist for your 2023 season. 



Louise Baker and Bruce Swan

Higher from David Jacobs-Strain and Bob Beach Belfry Session

Higher from David Jacobs-Strain and Bob Beach Belfry Session

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