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News from Baker Booking

Just announced:

Peppino D'Agostino and Gyan Riley virtual concert on May 22, 8PM EDT

Ticket Link:

We welcome
The Heather Pierson Trio
to our roster!

Baker Booking announces a new addition to our roster on April 2, 2021 - We welcome The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio.

We will be booking virtual shows for the duo and in person shows for the trio soon! Please check the "Artists " page to learn more.  Artist's website

Baker Booking is excited to announce the addition of a new artist to our roster!

Abby Posner joined us March 15th- we are looking to book virtual and soon in person shows for Abby .

Artists website- Abby Posner

Artists availability: Please see our Artists page to learn more about their available dates to perform virtually for your series or in person later in 2021 and 2022.


Spring 2021

As the days get longer and vaccines start to be more prevalent we also have hope for the possibilities of some live in-person touring for our artists later his year.

Greetings from the home office of Baker Booking, nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina and with the hopes that this is finding you well. During this unprecedented time we continue to work closely with our artists and presenters. We send a weekly newsletter out to over 600 venue talent buyers, festival directors and house concert hosts. We endeavor to sum up much of the news of the music industry and provide updates on live stream events etc,



 The artists on our roster continue to perform virtually, effectively, and professionally to the gain of venue, artist, and agency.

Streaming shows can offer new viewers of both your venue and artists a much lower entry point. Only through streaming can more than one person share a ticket - not possible pre pandemic. 

Initially, there were only a small number of artists that had the complete capability to perform a virtual concert and now, that number is increasing every day. The real question is does the artist have a history of performing via streaming, can they bring an audience, and will they take an active role in the promotion of the event. Along these lines, the artists on our roster continue to perform regularly, effectively, and professionally to the gain of venue, artist, and agency.

Some of you may still be on the fence about the prospects of presenting an artist online to your trusting audiences; our advice - have a look at any of the shows being performed by our artists and let us know what you think.

After attending numerous webinars presented by your peers we feel strongly that pairing artists and venues is the best way to move forward into the new "virtual touring" environment. We, as agents feel the importance of this partnership.

If you have questions, maybe we have a simple solution or we can direct you to someone that can help.

Until next time, 

Stay well, avoid hysteria, and celebrate successes,

Louise Baker and Bruce Swan

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